Our Facility offers complex car repair, starting from standard oil change to complete car body and paint repair. We provide non-cash settlement of repair with insurance companies.
We specialize in repairing all types of automatic transmissions; including manual gearboxes (we stock replacement transmissions)


- car computer diagnostics,
- engine repair,
- pressure plates and clutch discs remanufacturing,
- alternators repair,
- starters repair,
- complete front & rear suspension repair,
- complete exhaust repair,
- complee climate control and engine cooling repair (detecting leaks with a UV method and special electrical equipment - 100% satisfaction guaranteed),
- electrical equipment repair (ABS, air bags, etc.),
- repair after damage (non-casj transactions),
- front headlight and rear tail lamp conversions to European standards,
- M.O.T. tests (registration card update), Register check-ups for your first registration control